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iPhone 5 Outed by Vodafone Compatibility Listing? (UPDATED)

by Sean P. Aune | September 10, 2011September 10, 2011 9:51 pm EST

Vodafone iPhone 5 Signal Listing
Has Vodafone accidentally outed the iPhone 5 a bit early, or did someone in their Web team just get a bit overzealous in their typing?

An eagle-eyed reader was looking at the Vodafone Sure Signal page when he noticed something a bit odd under the “Compatible Phones” tab.  Listed amongst the Apple devices was the following:

  • iPhone 5 32GB White
  • iPhone 5 16GB White
  • iPhone 5 32GB Black
  • iPhone 5 16GB Black

While this is certainly not firm confirmation of the device, it’s intriguing none the less.  Did someone at Vodafone just decide, “Oh, I’ll put these in to save myself time down the road,” or did someone tell them, “Oh yeah, we’ve tested the iPhone 5 with this and it works?”

This is one of those situations where it may be absolutely nothing, or it could be someone didn’t know they weren’t supposed to talk yet.  We may never know in this particular case, but it is certainly worth noting as we draw closer and closer to the suspected announcement of the long awaited iPhone 5.

What do you think happened with this listing?

[Thanks Ahmad!]

UPDATE: And just like that, the iPhone 5 mentions on the page were pulled this morning.  How curious.  Thanks to Brian for the tip.

Sean P. Aune

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