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EA’s Origin Installed more than 4 Million Times

by Joey Davidson | September 10, 2011September 10, 2011 2:00 pm PDT

…we assume it was not done entirely by one very lonely person…

In speaking at a conference in London, EA Chief Financial Officer Eric Brown explained that the company will soon be looking to add third-party content to their Origin service.

Origin, if you’re unfamiliar, is EA’s digital marketplace. Think of it like Steam or Direct2Drive, perhaps, and you’ve basically got a good understanding of what it is. The company has been making waves as it’s elected to pull or keep content (like the upcoming Battlefield 3) off of Steam because of content sale policies.

Brown indicated that EA plans to make use of its massive network of registered users in order to bring third-party publishers to the Origin marketplace. He cited the more than 130 million subscribers that they have in their ranks. According to Gamasutra, however, Brown did not indicate which third-party publishers they would go after.

That immediately makes me wonder if they will ever look to snag Activision for the ability to sell Call of Duty. Somehow, given the recent tension between the publishers, I doubt it. However, if EA hopes to make a real market impact with their platform, they’ll likely need massive banner games from the Call of Duty franchise; especially given the fact that each year the newest release from the brand breaks sales records.

Brown also indicated the installation rate for Origin while pitching his excitement for the platform:

“We’re fairly excited about Origin…We have about 4 million installs of the client, we expect that number to climb substantially as we enter this…holiday season.”

On that note, how many TechnoBuffalo readers have installed Origin? I know a lot of you folks are exclusively PC gamers, I also know that you’re pumped for Battlefield 3, will that game’s release have you downloading, installing and using Origin?

[via Gamasutra]

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