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iOS 5’s Shortcut Feature is Named After Ashton Kutcher in the Apple Camp

by Killian Bell | September 7, 2011September 7, 2011 5:45 pm PDT

Ashton Kutcher with iPhone

A new feature built into Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 operating system is named after the new star of Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher, according to the actor himself. The Shortcuts feature, which transforms pre-defined abbreviations or strings of text into full phrases or sentences, is reportedly dubbed “The Kutcher” within the Apple camp in Cupertino.

Though it would appear that the actor is a friend of the company, it’s currently unclear exactly why Apple has named the feature after Kutcher internally. According to TV Guide, however, he’s happy to talk about it on set:

It’s Week 3 of work on the Two and a Half Men set, and Ashton Kutcher is still getting to know his costars. Conversation drifts toward mobile phones, and Kutcher reveals there’s a feature on the iPhone 5 that Apple internally calls “The Kutcher.”

What’s “The Kutcher”? “An in-mail editable text expander,” the actor explains. Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones are dumbfounded. “Jon, how many times did we have this same conversation with Charlie?” jokes 17-year-old Jones. Cryer quips back: “All the time. He was always talking about the new spellcheck on the iPhone.”

Unfortunately, for those of you without beta access to iOS 5, you’ll have to wait until its release this Fall to try “The Kutcher” out for yourself, but rest assured it’s worth the wait.

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