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Man Creates Persian Rugs Using Google Maps

by Emily Price | September 5, 2011September 5, 2011 12:32 pm PST


My grandmother used to have a really nice persian rug in her living room. Growing up I can remember having to take off my shoes before walking on the rug, and having to enjoy all snack and especially beverages far enough away that nothing could potentially harm what was supposedly a very expensive piece of floor decor.

Las Vegas designer David Hanauer has added a new interesting twist to the traditional persian rug, creating designs using aerial images of cities from Google Earth. The designer finds a photo he likes, and the replicates it four times, placing the replicas around a center point to create a traditional persian rug feel. Designs are then printed on polyester using colorfast dyes (a little different than traditional hand-knotted Persian rugs).

What he’s come up with are some pretty fantastic looking rugs, with designs you aren’t likely to see anywhere else.

Check out some of his amazing designs below. Can you see yourself putting one of these in your home?

Emily Price

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