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Why Android is a #WIN

by Noah Kravitz | September 2, 2011September 2, 2011 9:20 am PST

AppleInsider, reporting on ComScore’s latest smartphone metrics:

The only other gainer among the top five smartphone platforms [for the April 2011 quarter] was Google’s Android, which saw 5.4 percentage point growth quarter over quarter, easily outpacing Apple. Android now represents 41.8 percent of smartphones in the U.S.

Android and iOS have both eclipsed RIM’s BlackBerry OS as the leading smartphone platforms in the US:

comScore first reported in January of this year that Android had passed the iPhone in total U.S. subscribers for the first time. At the time, RIM was the market leader with 33.5 percent of the U.S. market, but the BlackBerry maker has quickly plummeted to third place, now well behind Android and iOS.

And while iOS maintains first place amongst smartphone makers in terms of profit, Android’s adoption by multiple OEM partners has led to Google’s OS being the most actively used mobile platform in the US right now:

Apple’s smartphone presence consists solely of the iPhone, while handsets running Google Android are represented by a number of manufacturers and many more devices. comScore’s data represents devices actively being used rather than current sales figures.

Fanboys could boil this down to a quantity vs quality argument, but you know better than that, don’t you dear Buffalos? Android is one thing, iOS is another, and apparently everybody else is currently being lumped into the category of “distant third.”

Sets things up nicely for the coming round of next-gen smartphones, though, no?

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[Via: AppleInsider]

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