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Samsung Will “Never” Pursue A Purchase Of webOS

by Emily Price | September 2, 2011September 2, 2011 10:07 am PDT

Guillotine-webOSSamsung CEO Choi Gee Sung put the Samsung webOS rumors to rest today in Berlin where he said the company would “never” pursue a purchase of the operating system.

HP recently announced it would no longer be developing products for webOS, leaving the OS device-less. Many analysts speculated that Samsung might be interested in acquiring the operating system; however, that is apparently not the case.

Also swirling around the rumor mill is a potential HTC or Facebook acquisition of webOS. HP has also suggested it is willing to license the OS, which could allow it to be used on any number of devices without an outright purchase.

What do you think? Should another company purchase webOS? Who would you like to see make a webOS device?

[via Bloomberg]

Emily Price

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