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Hulu Japan Launches with All American Content

Hulu Japan

Hulu Japan was announced last month as “coming later this year,” which apparently translated to “just over three weeks.”  Launching today, the new service will set back residents of Japan ¥1,480 a month (approx. $19.19 a month) and will give them access to an assortment of American movies and television shows.  Surprisingly there is no Japanese content to be seen anywhere on the site.  Our own Joey Davidson is able to read a good amount of Japanese and told me that essentially the site says, “that this is your chance to watch foreign dramas whenever you want.”  (not an exact translation)

Currently you can watch the service on certain Panasonic television sets, iOS and select Android devices.  Coming in the future will be support for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Panasonic and Sony Blu-ray players.  Content will be provided by ABC, CBS, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros.

Before you commit to paying the monthly fee you can try the premium account for free for one month.  Considering the cost, that seems like a pretty good idea.  While this may seem like a great thing for Americans living in Japan, it’ll be interesting to see how much the general Japanese population takes to the concept.  It only seemed logical they would fold in at least some content from Japan, and maybe that will come down the road, but for now you just won’t find it.

We’ve heard rumors that Hulu might be coming up with another pricing structure here in the United States, but if this is the price point, it seems unlikely that people will be swarming to it.

What do you think of the pricing and content offerings of Hulu Japan?

Sean P. Aune

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