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Meet Noah Kravitz and Mike Perlman in NYC on Sept 3rd!

by Mike Perlman | August 31, 2011August 31, 2011 1:10 pm PST

Have you ever wondered what TechnoBuffalo editors are like in person? Now you have a to chance to see Noah Kravitz and Mike Perlman in the wild! Both Buffalo herders will be at the Barnes and Noble cafe in Union Square on Saturday at 4PM. That’s 33 East 17th Street New York, NY 10003.

Questions about the latest iPhone 5 rumors? Stuck between a tablet and a laptop? Need advice on getting into tech journalism? Noah and Mike will be there to answer all of your glorious questions. Even if you want to stop by to yell at us for something we wrote or filmed, you’re more than welcome. So, in typical Price is Right fashion, Come on dowwwwwwwwwn!

Mike Perlman

Mike Perlman grew up in Nintendo Land and developed a relationship with all things electronic and nerdy early on in his childhood career. Today,...