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EA Exec Can’t See What PlayStation 4 Will Do for Gaming

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty happy with the current generation of consoles, and I find it hard to think of ways in which they could be improved. I mean, we have HD gaming with graphics that are already pretty spectacular, so what do the likes of Sony and Microsoft do to their consoles next time around?

Well, it seems one Electronic Arts executive thinks the same thing. Frank Gibeau revealed in an interview with CVG that he would like to see today’s consoles last “a little longer,” and that he can’t quite see what Sony could do to the PlayStation 4:

“It’s hard for me to conceive what you would do on a PlayStation 4,” Gibeau said.

“The displays are already 1080p, you’re already connected to the internet… You could make it faster, you could have more polys and you could up the graphics a little bit… but at what cost?

“It’ll be interesting to see how [Sony and Microsoft] think about it in terms of the next generation but it seems to me that customers are happy, and we’re happy to build games on [360 and PS3] right now.”

“The way the business used to run where you had these big console transitions just isn’t happening anymore. They’re much longer, the online capabilities are making the way customers interact within the audience very different from when we went from PSOne to PS2.

“I think that [the age of] big, abrupt change in consoles where we all pile in on top of each other and everything changes overnight is just gone.”

I have to agree with Gibeau. Though I can think of a few minor things I’d like to see introduced to today’s consoles, such as better integration with handhelds, I don’t see any major changes that would warrant a next-generation console.

What do you think? Would you pay the price of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 for slightly better graphics?

[via TechRadar]

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