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Samsung Announces Several Galaxy S II Accessories

Besides announcing the Epic 4G Touch, AT&T Galaxy S II and a very sparsely discussed T-Mobile Galaxy S II at this evening’s press event, Samsung also announced several accessories that will be available from each of the carriers.

Samsung Galaxy S II charging stand with spare battery

This used to be a fairly common attraction on PDA desk stands, but it’s a fairly rare sight these days.  Considering how many phones burn through batteries through out a day, this is a welcome accessory in my opinion.

Galaxy S II Battery Charging Stand

Samsung Galaxy S II HDTV Adapter

Not a big surprise these days considering how just about every phone is capable of HDMI output, but you’ll be able to use your microUSB slot to also pump HD content to your television.

Galaxy S II HDMI cable

Samsung Galaxy S II Car Dock

The Samsung Galaxy S II car dock can be mounted either on the windshield or dashboard and includes the sophisticated Vlingo Voice Talk, allowing users to enjoy hands-free control of their Galaxy S II.

Galaxy S II Car Dock

Samsung Galaxy S II Multimedia Dock

A multimedia dock that will allow users to turn their Galaxy S II into a home stereo by connecting speakers or plugging it into a home entertainment system via the 3.5mm stereo connector. Its ability to orient with the phone while docked makes it easy to view content in portrait and landscape mode, while the auto-launch of its Desk Dock UI makes for easy access to music, video and other applications.

Galaxy S II Desk DockDo any of these accessories strike you as essential to go with your Samsung Galaxy S II?

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