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HP’s Suppliers Have Enough Components to Build 100,000 7-inch TouchPads

by Killian Bell | August 30, 2011August 30, 2011 7:30 pm PDT

HP’s recent decision to give up on its mobile devices and the webOS platform saw its TouchPad tablet and Pre 3 smartphone reduced significantly all over the world. In the U.S., the TouchPad dropped from $400 to just $99, whereas the Pre 3 was slashed from £299 (approx. $486) to just £45 (approx. $74) in Europe.

With reductions like those, it’s no wonder that there was newfound interest in HP’s devices, and the entire inventory sold out in less than a week. But what about that 7-inch ‘TouchPad Go’ that was rumored to be in production before HP killed off the brand? Will it never see the light of day now?

Well, according to sources for DigiTimes, HP’s suppliers have enough components to build at least 100,000 7-inch TouchPads:

The sources pointed out that the inventory level is capable of producing about 100,000 7-inch TouchPads and was originally set to start production at the end of the third quarter, but HP’s sudden change of strategy has completely messed up upstream player’s schedules.

HP Taiwan claims it will “maintain its promise” to partners and negotiate with suppliers to ease inventory issues. However, according to the report, suppliers in Taiwan have “not yet received any notification from the headquarters.”

Even if HP absorbs all the costs related to these components, sources say that suppliers will still suffer huge losses as a result of the company’s decision to cease production of these devices. It’s unlikely HP will have the devices made anyway, and just sell them off on the cheap as it did with the 10-inch TouchPad, but you never know — we could be in for a surprise.

Would you buy a 7-inch TouchPad Go for $99 or less?

[via The Next Web]

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