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Samsung’s ChatON Messaging Service Aims to Rival BBM and iMessage

With Apple’s iMessage service set to take on BlackBerry Messenger later this year, Samsung has decided it also wants to get in on the action. The Korean electronics giant has launched ‘ChatON’ today — a group-messaging service that works across multiple platforms, with support for sending text, images and video.

The ChatON application will be bundled with Samsung’s successful range of Android Galaxy smartphones, its Galaxy Tab tablets, and handsets running the company’s Bada operating system. However, those with BlackBerry and iOS devices will also be able to download the app to communicate with friends for free.

Speaking to Dow Jones Newswires, Samsung confirmed the service’s cross-platform support:

ChatON will be embedded in all devices running on major platforms, including Bada, Android, BlackBerry, (Apple’s) iOS, as well as in other mobile devices, including tablet and (regular) phones.

Samsung is aiming to launch the ChatON service in October, with support for over 120 countries and 62 languages. It will obviously compete with the already huge BlackBerry Messenger service from RIM, and the iMessage service set to launch with iOS 5 this fall from Apple.

Of course, the advantage to using Samsung’s service is that it is not exclusive to Samsung’s devices. In order to use BBM, you need a BBM handset. In order to use iMessage, you need an iOS device. That means unless your friends are using the same platform, you can’t communicate with them for free.

Samsung’s cross-platform support with ChatON means that it will also rival third-party messaging clients like WhatsApp, and could prove to be more popular than the restricted BBM and iMessage services.

What do you think to ChatON? Could it replace BBM or negate the need for iMessage for you?

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