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Samsung Considering Buying webOS?

by Emily Price | August 29, 2011August 29, 2011 9:45 am PST

Could Samsung buy webOS? Rumors circulated last week that Samsung might be interested in a purchase of HP’s PC business. While Samsung has denied those rumors, another one has kicked of this week with DigiTimes claiming that Samsung is considering a purchase of webOS instead.

WebOS was originally developed by Palm, who sold the operating system to HP. A webOS purchase would give Samsung its own OS to put on devices, rather than have to use Android.

While it has been smooth sailing for Samsung and Android for a while now, recently the relationship has started to get a bit more complicated. Apple and Samsung are currently in the midst of several patent-related lawsuits caused in part by Samsung’s use of Android, and with Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola, Samsung could potentially have more trouble putting Android on future handsets (although Google claims all handset manufacturers will be treated equally, including Motorola).

A purchase of webOS makes sense. WebOS comes with tons of patents Samsung can use to its advantage, and the purchase would give it its own operating system for handsets and phones making it so it no longer has to rely exclusively on Android.

What do you think about Samsung potentially purchasing webOS? Is the rumor true? Would you buy a Samsung webOS device?

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