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Wait, So HP Isn’t Really Quitting the PC Business?

by Killian Bell | August 26, 2011August 26, 2011 3:00 am PDT

HP PC confusedAt the same time it announced its plans to kill of the TouchPad tablet and the Pre smartphone, HP also announced that it was going to quit the personal PC business and focus on the enterprise market. At least that’s what we all thought.

But according to Paul Hunter, the head of HP’s Personal Systems Group in the U.K. and Ireland, that’s not really what the company meant. In a letter to Pocket-lint, Hunter wrote:

“I’d like to firstly clear up any misunderstanding that has arisen from the earnings announcement around the future of the Personal Systems Group.

“There have been a number of incorrect stories saying that HP is quitting the PC business.

“Let me be absolutely clear in saying that at no stage has HP said it is quitting the PC business. Three options are being investigated, and whether the company is spun off, sold or kept in the HP portfolio, the team in the UK remains committed to creating and supporting great products and services.”

So, HP isn’t turning its back on its personal PC business, but there’s a chance it will be sold off. Confusing, isn’t it? I mean, you can see why everyone would think that HP is no longer interested in its PCs, can’t you?

There’s a chance, then, that HP will keep its personal PC business… there’s a chance that it will be spun-off… and there’s a chance that it will be sold. Let’s just say that the future of HP’s PCs are unclear and leave it there, then, shall we?

Hunter also delivered some good news for those of you who picked up cheap TouchPads recently, promising that “all webOS products will be supported and HP fully intents to support the future development of the webOS platform.”

“The sheer scale of interest in the discounted products took us a little by surprise. We are now working on ensuring everyone that owns a webOS device has a positive experience.”

Sure, you say that now, HP, but do you really mean it?

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