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International Giveaway: Win a Samsung Galaxy S II!

by Noah Kravitz | August 26, 2011August 26, 2011 10:30 am PDT

BTS Samsung Galaxy S II Giveaway

You probably know we’re doing a bunch of Back to School giveaways right now. And if you do, then you probably also know that the two current giveaways are U.S.-only. Buffalos in the rest of the world, we love you and we didn’t want to do you like that. I mean, Sage is in Korea, Killian’s in the UK and Jon Q is up in Canada, so it’s not like the staff is entirely in the U.S., either. So we’re throwing up another giveaway, sponsored by us, specifically for the non-United States parts of the world. Boom!

We’re giving away an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. No joke, this is one of the hottest pieces of kit on the planet right now. And we want one of you to have one for yourself. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling us what country you’re in. Don’t go posting your entire address! No need to do that now (we’ll contact the winner to get your shipping address), and we respect your privacy. But it would be cool to know where our friends are scattered across the globe, so leave a comment with the name of your country of residence in it. Cool? Cool.

You can enter once per day (just once or we’ll have to disqualify you) and we’ll pick the winner at random. Contest is open until 11:59 PM GMT, Sunday September 4, 2011.

Sound good? We hope so. We love ya, wherever you are, and we wanted to show some of that love International Buffalo style!

Noah Kravitz

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