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Apple Closing NYC Stores In Preparation of Hurricane Irene

by Emily Price | August 26, 2011August 26, 2011 7:00 pm PDT

Apple is preparing its NYC stores to be hit by Hurricane Irene this weekend by shutting them down. The company is closing the doors of the majority of its NYC-based stores on Saturday and Sunday (including the famous 24/7/365 location on 5th Avenue) during Irene’s possible landfall in the city.

NYC’s mass transit system will be shut down by noon on Saturday, so it is likely that if customers even wanted to visit the stores, they would have a hard time getting there. The same transportation issues are also likely to affect employees, leading to the retailers decision to briefly shut down operations.

I’m currently preparing for the worst here in NC. If any of you Buffalo out there are in the way of Hurricane Irene stay safe!

[via MacRumors]

Emily Price

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