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Portal’s Swift Unveils Quantum Conundrum, a new FPS Puzzler

Kim Swift left Valve to join Airtight Games. The studio’s only major project, Dark Void, released in 2008 from Capcom for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Since then, the company has been working on an unannounced shooter to be published by Square Enix.

That shooter has officially been unveiled. Quantum Conundrum will be released for the Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network and Steam early next year.

The seven minute gameplay video up above was a demo given to GameSpot by Kim Swift herself. Swift goes over the game’s basic premise of solving puzzles by instantly swapping between unique dimensions. Each dimension carries its own properties and physical settings so that they may be applied to puzzle solving.

The game carries with it, at least based on the initial impressions and demo shown off, a feeling very much like the original Portal. That makes sense as Swift worked on Portal for Valve, along with spending time of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Will players be able to see past those obvious connections in order to enjoy what may actually be a positively brilliant first person puzzle game?

Let’s hope so. Aside form Portal, this is a genre that’s still relatively new and unexplored. While inspiration may come from previous titles, Quantum Conundrum may be unique enough to vault past comparisons and onto a platform of its own.

Square Enix and Airtight will have a presence at PAX Prime over the course of the weekend. If you’re attending the show, you may be able to check out a bit of Quantum Conundrum for yourself.

[via GameSpot]

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