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EA Looking to Release 1 or 2 New IPs Each Year

by Joey Davidson | August 24, 2011August 24, 2011 9:00 pm PDT

This year, just about every game from EA is a part of a larger franchise. It’s a sequel, an off-shoot or a licensed title. That’s fine when it comes to making many titles from a corporate standpoint; however, gamers tend to like new products from completely new worlds.

Speaking with EA Labels President Frank Gibeau, CVG asked about EA’s current catalogue of titles. The publisher has, seemingly begun to lean on established franchises rather than working up brand new IPs. Not only did Gibeau concede to this point, he also explained that EA is looking to get back to creating new properties.

“We’re always going to be building new IP and the mix that we have now is… you’re right, we do have a lot more titles now that are proven, where as a few years ago we we’re coming out with a lot of IPs because the cupboards were bare. We had been a licensed-oriented group…

…Of course I’m talking about the Games label at that time; it was Bond, Potter and Lord of the Rings. As those went away or diminished, we didn’t have anything.”

EA started running out of liscensed properties a few years back, so they turned to creating entirely new IPs. Count among those franchises games like Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space.

Gibeau explained that the publisher hopes to set a pace for one or two IPs each year.

“I figure we’ll probably be doing one to two new IPs a year as far out as I can see – and we always have new IPs in development…We go through a green light process and in technology development and gameplay development we’re always looking at new, fresh ways at applying product.”

One or two completely new products may not seem like much on a yearly basis, but if EA can maintain that rate, gamers will be privy to a massive slew of brand new franchises. Apply that every single year for several years, and we’re talking about a bunch of new worlds to experience.

I’d love to see EA branch out more creatively, and if that means more unique games like Mirror’s Edge, I’m sold.

[via CVG]

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