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Proposing With Portals: The Best Gaming Proposal Ever?

by Joey Davidson | August 23, 2011August 23, 2011 2:00 pm PDT

Thinking of strapping in and popping the question to your significant other? Well, you’d best be considering the most imaginative and charming proposal ever proposed in order to stand up against any of the incredible gaming proposals going on today. It’s getting dicey out there.

One pair of gamers made the promise to tie the knot through the incredible Portal 2 custom maps you see above. And, yes, before you ask, that is the voice of GLaDOS. Gary Hudson (the proposer), Douglas “TopHATTwaffle” Hoogland and Rachel “Miss Stabby” van der Meer commissioned the help of Ellen McClain (the voice of GLaDOS) to lend some custom work to this project.

The result was a challenging set of puzzles, perfect voice work and absolutely mind-blowing level design. Everything from the laser shaped heart to the formation of the church was unlike any custom gaming proposal we’ve ever seen. Stephanie, the proposed, said yes. If she hadn’t, would that be considered losing?

The Gary Hudson Project, as this proposal has come to be known, has officially raised the bar and set the new standard for all those gamers out their looking to nerd their way into blissful marriage.

You can actually download the custom work from TopHATTwaffle’s website. He provides a link to the files in the post and responds to questions regarding installation in the comment section below that. You’ll probably need at least some experience playing custom Portal 2 maps before you get started, but we’re more than certain you can take to the internet quickly and figure that out on your own.

For another good proposal, I implore you to check out the one made with Clap Trap from Borderlands above. Fair warning, the language isn’t G-rated. The hubby-to-be actually got the Gearbox team to make and voice an entire cut-scene specifically for the occasion. She said yes, too.

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