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3D Mag Proves You Can 3D-ify Anything — Even Kim Kardashian

by Adriana Lee | August 23, 2011August 23, 2011 5:00 pm PDT

When World’s Most Beautiful magazine launched recently, the most noteworthy thing about it wasn’t the gorgeous people within its pages. It was the unique way that the magazine was published: There are 2D and 3D versions of both its print and digital issues (for iPhone/iPad/Android). WMB has already generated a lot of fans, among them professional photographers who are genuinely excited about a format that can give new life and depth to their work.

Not that the 2D version needed any help. When you call anything “World’s Most Beautiful,” you really need to deliver on the goods, and this does. From the people to the places and products, the content was richly produced, with pretty stunning visuals — so much that I’m not even quite sure why the 3D treatment was necessary for this.

Of course, I’m not a guy. I’m sure some dudes would walk through fire to see Kim Kardashian in all her eye-popping glory. But as a general end user, I’m sitting here wondering if any magazine experience could be so much better in 3D that it makes the 3D glasses (or potential headaches) worth the trouble.

Cover girls aside, as a general concept, would you sit and read a whole magazine in 3D? Weigh in.

[via ChipChick]


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