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White Samsung Galaxy S II Coming to Japan

by Joey Davidson | August 22, 2011August 22, 2011 8:03 am PST

It looks like more and more markets will be seeing a white version of Samsung’s highly anticipated new Android device, the Galaxy S II. Famitsu, the Japanese gaming and tech magazine, is reporting that NTT Docomo will be taking pre-orders for the White Galaxy S II in Japan starting August 24th. The device itself will ship starting September 9th.

Docomo is one of the largest cell phone providers in Japan.

We’ve already reported on the upcoming sale of the white variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II in Europe and the UK; so, and we’re making assumptions here, as the market width for the white Galaxy S II grows to include more territories around the world, those consumers hopeful for this flavor of the new device in North America may actually get it.

Neither Samsung nor this mobile’s expected carriers have announced a white model for the States just yet, but it seems that consumers would actually buy it if it made an appearance. The typical varitey would, obviously, be black, so the market may be ready to adopt a fresh look for one of the biggest devices about to launch.

And, as always, we turn to the herd… given the choice of the white Samsung Galaxy S II versus the black version, which would you choose for your daily driver?

[via Famitsu]

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