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Star Fox 64 3D’s Vehicle Trailer

by Joey Davidson | August 19, 2011August 19, 2011 7:30 pm PST

In case you need to be reminded, Fox McCloud and his cohorts piloted more than just the Arwing throughout Star Fox 64. There were also two other mission types throughout the game; they involved either the tank-like Landmaster or the submarine called Blue Marine.

Don’t worry, folks, you can do a barrel roll in whichever you please.

The other main, and new, feature touted in this trailer released during gamescom by Nintendo is the wireless multiplayer functionality. Up to four players can battle at once, wirelessly, all while making use of the 3DS’ user facing camera in order to display each player’s face on screen above their crafts. Sure, the speed of motion makes it look like a web cam from the late 90s, but seeing your friends yell about getting things off their backs should still be sweet.

The downside? This multiplayer feature is for local play only. Local as in within a certain distance of the other players. You’ll need to pick a local room and multiple Nintendo 3DS owners in order to enjoy the action. There will not be a Nintendo Wi-Fi option.

However, your opponents will be able to take advantage of the Download & Play option should they not own their own copy of Star Fox 64 3D. All it takes is one player with the game, and the rest can just mooch off of said player’s purchase and hop directly into space combat.

Star Fox 64 3D releases for the Nintendo 3DS on September 9th in the States. Will you be buying a copy?

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