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webOS Croaks, Noah Kravitz Cries

Guillotine-webOSRemember Noah’s fantastically composed, yet desperate letter to HP beckoning them to fortify the strength and reach of HP’s webOS? Sadly, it was all for naught, for the word around town is that HP is closing the doors on webOS for good. HP announced today that the company “will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones.” Cazart!

Now, what will become of the shareholders, employees, PR reps, and owners of TouchPads, Pres, and Veers? Only time will tell, but the webOS candle that was filled with innovative OS potential was hastily snuffed out today, and that’s a darn shame, if you’re Noah. Did HP bow to the pressure of the competing giants? Was the recent Best Buy debacle a prime instrument in its demise?

There is some hope that HP will license out webOS to third-parties, but we are still awaiting official word on that potential deal.

But most importantly, what will become of our own Noah Kravitz, the captain of the webOS Cheerleading Squad? Check back for updates to this gripping saga!


Mike Perlman

Mike Perlman grew up in Nintendo Land and developed a relationship with all things electronic and nerdy early on in his childhood career. Today,...