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Sony Announces New Budget PSP for Europe for Just €99

Sony’s decision to delay the PlayStation Vita seemed like just the thing Nintendo needed to give its 3DS sales a boost this holiday season, but none of us expected the company to have another handheld up its sleeve. In addition to announcing a price cut for the PlayStation 3 yesterday, Sony also announced a new budget PlayStation Portable for Europe — available later this year for just €99 (£99, approx $142).

The PSP E-1000 has pretty much everything the regular PSP has, including a UMD slot — which makes it more appealing than the PSP Go in my opinion — but does lack Wi-Fi capabilities. You’ll still be able to download and install games via the Media Go PC mounting service, you just won’t be able to enjoy online play.

Still not convinced? How about cheap UMDs? Sony will be offering some of the best PSP games at heavily discounted prices in a bid to compete with the pocket pleasing price tags in the App Store. Titles like FIFA 2012, Invizimals: The Lost Tribe, and EyePet Adventures will be available for just €9.99 (£9.99).

The device looks similar to the PSP 3001, but has a matte finish like that on the PlayStation 3 Slim, as opposed to a glossy finish. It will also be available only in “Charcoal Black.”

Sony is yet to announce a release date for the new device, but it is set to launch this fall — just in time for the holiday season. While this won’t be any kind of substitute to those eagerly anticipating the PlayStation Vita, it may attract gamers on a budget this holiday season.

At €99, the PSP E-1000 is around €70 cheaper than the Nintendo 3DS, and while it may not be as advanced, that’s a pretty significant price difference — especially now that some PSP titles are also surprisingly cheap. Will it be enough to persuade gamers to grab Sony’s aging handheld over Nintendo’s 3DS?

[via SlashGear]

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