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HTC Sues Apple, Attempts To Block The Sale Of Macs and iOS Devices

The patent war between Apple and HTC has just gotten a little more interesting. HTC has now filed suit against Apple for its infringement of three patents, two of which HTC just acquired in April in its purchase of ADC Telecommunications.

The patents pertain to technology used in Apple computers, as well as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. HTC is seeking to halt importation of those devices (so, virtually everything Apple sells) in the United States, as well as compensatory damages.

Apple recently won a patent suit it had filed against HTC, a ruling that could potentially block the sale of affected HTC devices in the U.S. should the two companies not come to some sort of settlement. HTC’s suit against Apple may be the company’s attempt to pressure Apple into making that settlement.

HTC has openly said it is willing to negotiate with Apple, however, as of yet the two have not come to any sort of agreement.

If you’re into patent law, you can check out the official complaint from HTC here (PDF), as well as the individual patents in question here, here and here.

What do you think about HTC suing Apple? Is it honestly trying to block the sale of Apple’s devices, or do you think it is just a scare tactic to get Apple to start negotiating?

[via Reuters]

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