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Batman: Arkham City Introduces Mr. Freeze

Honestly, if Mr. Freeze doesn’t deliver the astounding level of cold comments and chilling puns that I’m used to, I’m not sure that Rocksteady can deliver the best non-comic version of this staple in the Dark Knight’s rogue’s gallery.

Of course I’m kidding, man, chill out…

As the release of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City draws near, the developer and publisher (WB Games) have taken to rolling out new teasers constantly. We’re roughly two months away from seeing the game nestle into our own consoles, and now we’re being treated to one of Batman’s greatest foes.

And if the headline, trailer and previous discussion haven’t tipped you off yet, it’s Mr. Freeze.

Folks that don’t read the comics are more than likely used to a cornball, cheese version of Mr. Freeze. You know, the one that Arnold Schwarzenegger played in the “wonderful” Batman & Robin back in 1997. We all hated that Mr. Freeze. We loved him, yes, but we absolutely hated him. Why? Here’s why…

Yes Arnold, let’s kick some iccceee.

This Batman fan knows that the Caped Crusader and all of the ne’er do wells looking to take him down are in good hands. Rocksteady proved that they could produce a Batman game worth loving with Batman: Arkham Asylum. Arkham City is bigger, longer, features more villains and stands to be even better than the original if we’re going off of teaser screens and trailers alone.

Furthermore, you more than likely know the talent behind the voice of Mr. Freeze in Arkham City. It’s Maurice LaMarche, and he’s worked his voice over magic in an incredible amount of roles. The one that stunned me and will likely ruin his work in everything else? He play’s The Brain from Pinky & the Brain.

Batman: Arkham City is set to release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 18th, 2011.

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