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Windows Phone Mango Releasing on Sept. 1?

Windows Phone Mango updateWith a bevy of updates and fixes, consumers and phone enthusiasts alike are pretty excited for Windows Phone Mango, but Microsoft has not exactly been forthcoming of when we can expect it beyond saying “fall.”  A new piece of information may finally give us that date we’ve been waiting for, and it’s one that makes a lot of sense.  According to sources that spoke with Pocket-Lint, September 1 is when we will see the new update roll out to current phones, and will also be when new phones will be launching with the new iteration of the software.

Why does this date make sense?  Let me roll out the laundry list for you:

  • Windows Phone Mango was sent to manufacturers back on July 26.  That’s usually a pretty good indication that the software is close to being ready for launch.
  • Sept. 1 is the day before Charlie Kindel, the current general manager of the Window’s Phone division, is set to depart the company after 21 years.  This would mean he’d still get to see it launch under his leadership.
  • It’s the day before the IFA consumer electronics show launches in Berlin.  Considering it was one of the largest trade shows in the world for electronics, it makes sense they would want to show off Mango there.
  • Every rumor points to iPhone 5 and iOS 5 launching in Sept., so if Microsoft can get their newest software out there before the maelstrom of media coverage, all the better.  If they launch after Apple does, then they will be hopelessly lost in the shuffle.

Again, this is still just a rumor, but with multiple, trusted sources confirming it to Pocket-Lint, and the anecdotal evidence around that specific date, it seems like a fairly easy one to say, “this is probably right.”

What do you think?  Will we greet Sept. with the launch of Windows Phone Mango?

[via Pocket-Lint]

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