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Target Cuts Nintendo 3DS Price Early

by Joey Davidson | August 10, 2011August 10, 2011 11:45 am PDT

Falling in behind Walmart, Target has gone and dropped the retail price of the Nintendo 3DS from $250 to $170 two days before Nintendo makes it official. Joystiq had the initial report of the preemptive drop, including the picture you see branded above.

Sean traipsed all over his home town and neighboring municipals yesterday in order to verify the previously rumored Walmart price cut. He succeeded, with some measure of difficulty, and found that a few stores were offering the new discount. Target, and I’m sure even more retailers will make the move soon, is likely getting with Walmart’s dip specifically to ensure retention of loyal customers.

We’ll run through this whole thing one more time in case you’ve missed it over the last several reports. If you’ve been at all considering the purchase of your own Nintendo 3DS, now is the time. And when I say “now,” I mean within the next 36 hours-ish. Buy the system at the slashed price and you’ll still be able to cash-in on the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program. That program will earn you 20 free games, 10 of which will never be released to any other set of consumers.

Say what you want about the hardware and the current roster of games, Nintendo will be looking to take advantage of this price drop for the holiday. The 3DS will see new a proper Mario title, a new Mario Kart, Icarus and Star Fox before 2011 expires. For Nintendo fans, quite honestly, the system is actually looking appealing. I say that in spite of the previous price tag and less than stellar 3D effect.

Also add to the pile the fact that the PS Vita will not be releasing outside of Japan until 2012 and you may see a slew of holiday consumers buying the 3DS simply because it’s both cheaper and available.

If you want a 3DS, go to the store and get it now. When you get home, make sure you become a Nintendo 3DS Ambassador.

[via Joystiq]

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