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L.A. Noire Developer Going Bankrupt, Sells Assets and IP

Team Bondi, the studio that developed L.A. Noire and brought the crime solving title to release with Rockstar Games, is supposedly going bankrupt and has sold off their assets and IPs 9intellectual properties). This news comes after a lot of noise and fallout in connection with the quitting rate of team staffers as a result of the rumored horrible boss, Brendan McNamara.

Develop has news of the rumor, and it’s worth noting that the same outlet was responsible for bringing a lot of this studio’s post-release problems to light. According to Develop’s source, the staff at Team Bondi have been given a choice of either accepting severance pay or taking new jobs at Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM). KMM is an Australian production company that has its hands in all kinds of media across film and gaming.

Develop also explains that, while they do supposedly have a source, there is no official documentation available to back this up.

Now, if you’re an L.A. Noire fan, and you’re concerned about the fate of this new product, rest-assured that Team Bondi doesn’t own the rights to the IP. L.A. Noire is owned by Rockstar Games, and Rockstar Leeds is responsible for the PC port of the crime-solver due out down the line.

We may still see entries in the franchise, as long as Rockstar and Take-Two deem the brand viable for more production work. Here’s hoping they do.

As for the Team Bondi team … this is unfortunate. While Rockstar may have shaped the final product and poured a large amount of money into the game in order to get it out, L.A. Noire was Team Bondi’s baby. Hopefully those that are leaving the studio altogether can use the well-received, critically praised title on their resumes to land bigger and better gigs with even greater properties.

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