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New Dishonored Screens Show Pure Style

Revealed last month by Game Informer, Dishonored is the retro-futuristic blend of sneaking and choice from Arkane Studios. The project is being developed  from the collective talents behind video games that stand as titans to this day. From the story that accompanied the announcement of the game, two of the leads on Dishonored are “Harvey Smith, one of the developers behind Deus Ex, and Viktor Antonov, the designer who created Half-Life 2‘s City 17.”

Bethesda has released four screenshots and two pieces of concept art for the title after last week’s QuakeCon. Each shows of the game’s cold, gray, futuristic style and appeal. Honestly, they have me more excited for the game than I was before, and the oddly cartoonish shape of the characters and gloss of the environments shown in each shot is the part that I’m most pumped for.

The work shows off the ferocity of the game. The entire concept looks dark, scary and oppressive. The fire effects themselves look downright epic. While Game Informer did reveal a lot about the upcoming Arkane property, there’s so much to be discovered about the plot and premise of Dishonored between now and its final release.

Check out the rest of the shots in the gallery below and be sure to keep it locked to TechnoBuffalo as even more for this game hits the net. Dishonored is currently set to launch in 2012 and will arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

[via Game Informer]

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