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Do You Live in An Android or iOS State?

by Emily Price | August 6, 2011August 6, 2011 2:00 pm PDT

Do you live in an Android State or an iOS state?

Jumptap, a mobile ad network, put out a map this week detailing its 83 million users and their operating system preferences. Android wins the nationwide race, but it’s interesting to see what states are iOS-heavy, and even more interesting to see what states are still rocking BlackBerry as #1.

The report found that “consumers in the South and Southwest tend to be Android-biased compared to the rest of the country, while those in the Midwest and Northeast lean towards iOS. California, Texas and Florida over-index for Android use and states in New England and the Midwest over-index for iOS use. Blackberry use, which over-indexed in New York, was also included in the geographic data. This new data establishes an evolving narrative of a North vs. South divide in the ongoing battle of the two top mobile operating systems.”

Jumptap is a mobile ad network, so their interest in where people use what handsets is primarily focused on where people are checking out their ads. The full report (which you can check out here) is actually pretty interesting, and offers tons of highly-detailed info about how people related to their handsets.

One stat I thought was particularly interesting was the click-through rate on ads on Android handsets. According to Jumptap .54% of Sony Ericsson handset users clicked through in 2011, a huge number compared to HTC users who only clicked through .21% of the time.

iOS was still the best advertiser-wise, with a .78% click-through rate overall, considerably more than Android .47% overall.

What do you think accounts for the differences? Why do iOS users click through on ads SO much more than their Android counterparts, and what makes a Sony Ericsson handset so much more ad-appealing than one made by HTC?

Emily Price

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