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Rumor: Walmart Dropping Nintendo 3DS Price Early

Cheap Ass Gamer, a site known around the gaming world for being legitimately great at scoring fans the best deals for fantastic games and hardware, has a rumor from a trusted source that may make the Nintendo 3DS irresistible for three days. Why three days? I’m getting to it.

According to the sites source, Walmart will start selling the Nintendo 3DS at $169.99 on August 9th instead of the pre-determined August 12th date. Keep this one filed under rumor until next Tuesday when you can head into the store and see for yourselves.

So, why does a deal made available three days early make the Nintendo 3DS irresistible? In order to apologize to early adopters for dropping the price of the hardware so soon after launch, Nintendo decided to extend a peace offering in the form of free games. Those that bought the 3DS between launch and the date of the upcoming price drop become Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors by logging into the system’s eShop at least once. Ambassadors qualify for 20 free games, 10 of which will never be made available to anyone else.

If Walmart is offering the system at $170 on August 9th, fans that buy it before August 11th (giving them time to get home and log on) will actually be able to take advantage of both the price reduction and the awesome pile of Nintendo software.

It’s practically thievery if this really happens. In fact, I’ll be downright cranky if some cheaters will be able to swoop in and score on this deal.

If you’re at all on the fence about this hardware and you’re looking to save money and score an awesome bonus, give Walmart a go next Tuesday. Worst case scenario: you’ll be in a Walmart. Whether or not that’s a risk you’re willing to take is entirely up to you.

Choose wisely.

[via Cheap Ass Gamer]

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