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Minecraft Sells 3,000,000 Copies

Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of Minecraft, just announced through Twitter that Mojang’s block busting and placing phenomenon has sold its 3,000,000th copy. Of course, by the time you read this story, it’ll be safe to assume that the indy hit has soared a little higher.

All of these new miners are stepping into the long wait for what’s bound to be one of the largest Minecraft updates to come in a long time. Minecraft 1.8, what’s been coined the “Adventure Update,” has been in development for what has to be around a month at this point. No release date has been announced.

However, the Mojang crew has decided it would be fun to slowly trickle out vague information about what gamers will be seeing in the massive update once it arrives. Here are some of what we know is coming in 1.8 so far:

Add a few new, intriguing things to the pile as well. For instance, Notch is actively working and taking ideas for town borders that can be seen from a great distance upon entering and leaving NPC village spaces. He’s also dropped hints that players will be able to claim land; though, what that means, I have no idea.

Finally, if the Endermen are too creepy (they are), you have a defense. Pumpkins. Wear a pumpkin as a hat around the Endermen and they will not turn aggressive once you look at them. And with that news, the world sensed a new surge of miners hellbent on seeking out and harvesting full pumpkin patches.

As a note for the TechnoBuffalo community, don’t forget that we have our own Minecraft server. We’re still very much in the newborn, growth phases, but the players within are fantastic. Check it out!

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