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Ofcom Says U.K. Is A Nation Addicted To Smartphones

I’ll admit that I feel lost without my iPhone by my side, but I wouldn’t say I was quite addicted to it. However, according to Ofcom, the U.K.’s communications watchdog, over a third of adults and two thirds of teenagers happily admit they are addicted to their smartphones.

In its latest Communications Market Report, published earlier today, Ofcom surveyed 2,073 adults and 521 children and teenagers. The number of people adopting a smartphone here in the U.K. has risen by 59% over the last year, with 27% of adults and almost 50% of teenagers now owning a device powered by iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS or the Windows Phone platforms. This is thought to be due to the increasing selection of more advanced mobile phones with easier to use platforms.

But how many of us are addicted? Well, predictably, teenagers are most obsessed with 60% confessing their smartphone addiction — happily shunning traditional activities to play with their devices. Nearly 25% of teenagers say they watch less TV, and 15% say they read less now that they own smartphones. 37% of adults admit they’re addicted.

81% of all respondents said they they never switch off their device, with 38% of adults and 40% of teenagers revealing that they use theirs the minute they wake up each morning. I must confess that the first thing I do every day is check my email, but who doesn’t these days?

It also seems that smartphone use knows no boundaries, with 23% of adults and 34% of teenagers revealing that they use their devices during mealtimes. That’s pretty surprising, until you consider that 22% of adults and nearly 50% of teenagers admitted to using their device while in the bathroom. Come on, admit it — we’ve all done this.

The increase in smartphone popularity is great news for application developers, with 47% of adults saying they’ve downloaded apps of their smartphones. However, I’m surprised this figure isn’t higher. Who out their is using a smartphone and not downloading apps? It’s ludicrous!

Would you admit to being addicted to your smartphone?

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