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Japanese Nintendo 3DS Sales Plummet in Light of Price Cut

by Joey Davidson | August 4, 2011August 4, 2011 7:30 am PST

Gamasutra has reported on the hardware sales in Japan over the course of time since the Nintendo 3DS price cut announcement from Nintendo. The original charts came courtesy of a post on NeoGAF. The data represented below comes from the week ending in July 31st as provided by a company called Media Create and arranged by Gamasutra.

The Nintendo 3DS fell by nearly half its sales numbers from the week previous. The handheld had actually made its way up to the top of the heap in Japan before the price cut announcement. Afterwards? It fell. Far.

We’ve put our thinking caps on and sat long and hard to consider why, exactly, consumers would suddenly choose to opt out of purchasing Nintendo’s latest handheld in a week’s time. It was difficult, but the reasoning came to us in waves after roughly a fortnight of pondering. Nintendo’s 3DS price cut by roughly $80 USD is looming large on the not-so-distant horizon. The cut happens on August 11th in Japan, August 12th for the rest of the world. Consumers have elected to wait to buy the system.

Well, that, or they simply don’t want a 3DS at all.

Of course, news came earlier this morning that will likely work towards boosting sales for the Nintendo 3DS during the holiday season on a worldwide level. It was revealed that Sony would only be putting the PS Vita out in Japan during 2011. The rest of the world will have to wait until 2012.

For Sony of Japan, this is great news and will likely do wonders for their portable positioning on the 3DS. For every other region in the world, however, Nintendo’s likely curling their collective mustache in maniacal laughter right now. The sales numbers may be poor today, but the price cut and absence of competition will go far for the 3DS.

[via Gamasutra]

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