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Sony Reveals Fourth Teaser Video For Its Upcoming Tablets


Following those leaked specifications for Sony’s upcoming Android Honeycomb-powered tablets codenamed S1 and S2, Sony has released the fourth video in its series of tablet teasers.

While we’re not really sure what these videos are all about, this one boasts a Rude Goldberg-style contraption through which the two lovers we met in the first episode travel on their journey to marriage. The video is littered with Sony’s new S1 tablet, in addition to a hot air balloon, a flying car, lots of marbles, and an accompanying cheery soundtrack.

Despite Sony’s willingness to flaunt its new tablets in these teasers, the company is yet to reveal any specifications for the devices. However, one source who is apparently “familiar with the company’s plans” revealed some details on the kind of storage and displays we can expect to see in these devices earlier this week.

While they may be nice to watch, do any of Sony’s tablet teaser videos get you excited for their release?

[via Engadget]

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