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The Potential Future of Video Game Graphics from Euclideon [Video]

by Joey Davidson | August 1, 2011August 1, 2011 8:00 pm PST

Euclideon is a company that has been working on what they call “unlimited detail” technology for video game engines. As the video above (as found on Reddit)¬†describes, the company cropped up a year ago as they promised to bring an end to polygon counts in game development. Instead, Euclideon is basing their engine building practices around atoms.

That’s right, atoms. You’ll learn from the really awkwardly voiced man behind the curtain in the video that the Euclideon engine will be capable of rendering objects in games with real world atom structures. Rather than building a tree out of flat polygons, the Euclideon engine will build a tree entirely out of atoms. Those individual atoms will add up to compose a tree with a level of realism that we’ve not yet seen in games.

While it’s easy to label this video as nothing more than engine advertising with crazy voiceover selection right now, the potential for the atom-based engine is positively scary. As the demo pairs the Euclideon tech with that of Bulletstorm and Crysis, the comparisons work well to get any gamer excited.

Call it a vision of the future for now. Will keep an ear to the ground as Euclideon unveils more of their progress over time. As the end of the video suggests, the next big hurdle is lighting. If they can nail that type of in game detail, this could be the next big jump in gaming graphics.

[via Reddit]

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