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7 Minutes of Diablo 3 Gameplay (Video)

by Joey Davidson | August 1, 2011August 1, 2011 1:00 pm PST

As more news swells up over the recent Diablo 3 preview event put on by Blizzard, VG247 have posted the video you see above. In it is more than seven minutes worth of random b-roll gameplay footage from the Diablo 3 beta.

This comes after news dropped this morning of a real currency based auction system being introduced by Blizzard in Diablo 3. Some fans have already taken to hitting comment sections on blogs and news sites around the net in order to react, negatively and positively, about the new system. The feeling this writer’s had among fans so far is one of annoyance.

Still, if there were anything capable of getting us excited for Diablo 3 after news like that, it’s a video like the one above. The game sounds and looks fantastic, and it seems to be on pace to fulfill our quote for hacking and slashing for the next decade.

Mmmmmm, Diablo.

[via VG247]

Joey Davidson

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