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Brain Fail: Study Suggests IE Users Are Dumb [Update: It’s a hoax]

Still using Internet Explorer? Well, I’ve got to hand it to you: It takes guts in today’s tech climate. Looking around the webs, it seems the Microsoft browser doesn’t get a whole lot of love or respect. As if to punctuate the sentiment, results from an online IQ test were released recently, and it suggests that IE users aren’t exactly the sharpest crayons in the box.

Aptiquant — a consulting firm in the business of creating examinations tools for hiring purposes — posted the test on its website. The firm went through the results of more than 100,000 participants, and discovered that people who visited using IE scored the worst — below average, in fact. Meanwhile, visitors with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera had pretty comparable IQs (with Opera users winning out by a smidge).

Back in 2006, the results looked more even.

Average IQ of browser users in 2006 (blue) and 2011 (red)


Can’t help but wonder what’s up with the officiator of this test. Most IE users (at least the ones I know of) have it because their companies mandate it. So if it’s a corporate thing, isn’t Aptiquant basically insulting its own potential client base? Jussayin.

What do you think? Are these results spot-on, and people who stick with the PC default browser just aren’t too bright? Or is this simply a flawed, unscientific study? Weigh in. And while you’re at it, let us know what your program of choice is for rocking the webs.

[via SAI Business Insider, source Aptiquant]


UPDATE: It’s a hoax! Turns out, the company and its research are fake. The company’s site was only set up recently, and the images of staff pictured there were actually picked up from another company in France. But to what end? Who would go through such measures to dupe the media and the public? Someone who really, really hates Internet Explorer, I guess. As for why, no one knows — least of all, us. Well, at least we’re in good company: CNN, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and Forbes also ran this item. For more on this, the BBC has the scoop, so click here to check it out.


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