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Mortal Kombat Adds Freddy Kreuger as DLC

When you think Mortal Kombat, you think classic characters such as Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, Liu Kang, Freddy Kreuger … wait, what?

Warner Bros. Interactive announced at San Diego Comic-Con this week that infamous movie monster Freddy Kreuger will be coming to the popular Mortal Kombat gaming series on Aug. 9th for both Xbox and PlayStation 3 as a DLC (downloadable content) addition.  He’ll cost 400 Microsoft points for the former, and $4.99 for the latter.

Judging from the video above, they’ve captured a lot of the flavor of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, but not sure what’s up with him having bladed gloves on both hands as opposed to the lone one he wore in the movies.  It does seem a bit of an odd addition to the series, but at least it’s a DLC and completely optional if you want to add him to your roster of fighters.

Are you excited for the addition of Freddy Kreuger to Mortal Kombat?

Sean P. Aune

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