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Could Apple’s Victory Over HTC Be a Win For Windows Phone 7?

Could Apple’s partial win over HTC be a win for Windows Mobile? A report in the Chinese paper The 21st Century Business Herald today indicates that some handset manufactures are looking at moving their business away from Android and focusing on Windows Phone handsets instead.

Some of these vendors worry about the risk of becoming embroiled in patent infringement due to adoption of Android, and have drawn up three strategies to cope with potential impact. The three strategies are enhancement of support to Microsoft Mango operating system, promotion of smartphone customization by mobile telecom carriers for protection through binding common interest (especially carriers partnering with Apple and Microsoft), self-development of own operating systems, the source pointed out. China-based smartphone vendors Huawei Device and ZTE have planned to adopt Mango, the source indicated.

The China-based vendors aren’t concerned with becoming targets of lawsuits themselves, but are more concerned that the cost of using Android will grow – requiring them to pay huge licensing fees which they cannot afford. Some companies had already started to move into Windows Phone 7 before the ruling, attempting to diversify their businesses rather than focus on just one operating system.

Apple won a partial victory in its suit against HTC last week, with an ITC judge ruling in its favor for 2 of the 10 patents it claims HTC is infringing upon. HTC plans to appeal the ruling. Apple currently has a similar lawsuit pending with Samsung.

[via DigiTimes]

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