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HTC Puccini Tablet Passes Through the FCC with LTE in Tow

by Sean P. Aune | July 18, 2011July 18, 2011 3:30 pm PST

HTC Puccini
It seems that HTC is ready to give the tablet market another shot by the looks of this FCC blueprint. Filed with the model number PG09410, this is the tablet most have been calling the HTC Puccini (no word if that is the final name), and while we don’t have final specs as of yet, the filing did reveal some interesting tidbits.

First up, the tablet is looking to clock in at being a 10-inch screen.  That seems to be the norm these days, so nothing entirely shocking there.  What is intriguing is the cellular radios that are onboard.  First up are the GSM 850, 1900MHz frequencies which pretty much confirms AT&T as a  United States carrier for sure, and then you add in 3G WCDMA 850 and 1900MHz bands as well.  The big one, however, is the AWS 4 and 17 bands, which just happen to line up with AT&T’s LTE network.

Seeing as this device has already missed its rumored June launch, it’s anyone’s guess when it will actually hit shelves.  Seeing as it just passed through the FCC, however, these is still every chance of it being released this summer.

Do you have any interest in the HTC Puccini?

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