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Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Editions Gets Detailed Early

Harley Quinn in Arkham CityOops. It seems some folks at Best Buy may have jumped the gun and detailed the contents of the Batman: Arkham City collector’s edition a bit earlier than they were supposed to.

The page has now been removed, but those who saw it before it disappeared saw a price of $99 and a list of the contents.

  • A “premium” statue made by Japanese model/statue company Kotobukiya
  • Art book
  • Gotham Knight animated material
  • Early access to DLC

With San Diego Comic Con being this week, our guess would be that someone at Best Buy just slipped up and posted it about two days early, so the information is sure to return in short order.  As of this post, GameStop still has it listed, but only with the price and no details.  What the sites do agree on is that it is releasing on Oct. 18th, the same day as the standard edition.

I’m not usually one to do backflips over collector’s editions, but the early access to DLC intrigues me.  Does it mean that I would just get to buy it first, or will it be “free” to those who go for the set?  My bet is on it being the former, but we’ll see when the full official details come out.

Do you have any interest in picking up the Batman:Arkham City collector’s edition?

[via Joystiq]

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