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Oops! Microsoft, Did You Confirm WinPho Mango’s Sept Launch?

Uh-oh: This gaffe is so overt, it’s almost kind of embarrassing.

A staffer manning the official Microsoft Imagine Cup Twitter account was understandably trying to rile up some excitement, but might’ve gone a wee bit overboard by tweeting the following:

“ImagineCup finalists ALL receive Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Release!! Each student will get the phone by September!”

Yikes. Okay, putting aside any vicarious fear for this person’s employment, the tweet itself is pretty revealing. It’s not likely that MS will send out handsets with unreleased software on it, so the webs are pretty much convinced that this means Mango will be on deck in late August or September.

This lands right on the heels of the recent leak of an unreleased Samsung WinPho handset with some Galaxy S II-ish styling to it. The extraordinary thing here is that it was outted by the company itself at a Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference presentation, where it was hauled out on stage for a brief cameo.

Microsoft, what is going on? Are your guys hitting the happy hours a little too hard? Not that we’re complaining. Who doesn’t love getting scoops on what’s coming? It’s like Christmas in July, no?

[via BoyGenius Report, source Mobility Digest]


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