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Google eBooks-Integrated iriver Story HD Launching Sunday

by Emily Price | July 11, 2011July 11, 2011 1:30 pm PST

Starting on Sunday you can buy the iriver Story HD e-reader at your local Target store, the first e-reader integrated with the open Google eBooks platform. Google eBooks have been around for a while, but the Story HD will be the first time there has been a dedicated device to read them on.

The Story HD looks a lot like a Kindle. The $139.99 reader has a QWERTY keypad at the bottom of the screen for typing, 1024 x 768 e-ink screen, and connects via Wi-Fi to download new titles.

A recent study by Pew Internet showed that a whopping 12% of Americans currently own an e-reader of some sort, up from just 6% last year. With that kind of growth, its not surprising that we’re seeing a dedicated Google e-reader hit the market.

What do you think about a dedicated Google eBook reader? Google eBooks (much like the other e-reader platforms) are already readable on a number of different devices. Would any of you consider buying one of these over a Kindle or Nook so you could read Google e-book titles on the go? If you already have an e-reader preference, what made you choose it over the alternatives?

Emily Price

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