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RIP Sony MiniDisc Walkman 1992-2011

by Emily Price | July 10, 2011July 10, 2011 10:00 am PDT

So I have to admit- I might have already thought Sony killed the MiniDisc….10 years ago? Apparently not.

According to the Japanese paper Nikkei Sony plans on discontinuing sales of the MiniDisc Walkman in September of this year. Worldwide, the company has reportedly sold 22 million MiniDiscs through March of this year (to who?), with those numbers not high enough to warrant the continued sale of the players. Sony discontinued the cassette walkman last year.

Do any of you have any fond MiniDisc memories?

I personally have a few boxes of MiniDiscs kicking around my house. I purchased a player one Christmas from Best Buy, and replaced it with an original iPod a short while later. While I never really used it to rock out walkman-style, my player could also record, so I would tote it around to concerts and record live music with it. At the time this made me one of the coolest kids in school. Now? The audio quality of the recordings is probably ridiculously horrible (although much better than the cassette tape alternative that was around back then). I also have no clue where my player/recorder is, which could pose a serious problem if I ever want to listen to the recordings. The MiniDisc will always have a little bit of soft place in my heart.

Do any of you still have a MiniDisc player or discs kicking around?

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