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Amazon Has Placed Second Largest Tablet Order for Q3?

q3 2011 tablet ordersDespite not having even been officially confirmed as existing yet, it seems that Amazon has placed a sizable order for its rumored Hollywood and Coyote tablets.  Now it would just be nice to know that they actually do exist.

According to DigiTimes, the publication has compiled a list of what supply chain sources are saying are the orders from each company for their tablets in the third quarter (July – Sept.) of this year.  While it is no surprise that Apple is the largest order for its various iPad models, the shocked is that Amazon is in second place when it hasn’t even announced that its tablets exist yet.  While it makes sense to stock up prior to launching, there has been absolutely nothing but rumors when it comes to the Amazon tablets yet.

Looking through out the rest of the list, and remember these numbers come from unnamed “industry sources”, things are looking fairly lacklust for the rest of the field.  Five manufacturers are tied for third place, and none of them break a million units for a three month period.  Of course, one must remember that our view of the tablet market is skewed by Apple’s continued success with the iPad.  Who knows what these companies could be selling if it wasn’t in the mix.  (Of course, one could also wonder if these products would exist if they weren’t all trying to fight Apple, but they probably would.)

So, when is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just going to finally come out and make these tablets official?  The leaks on them are so numerous that it is almost a foregone conclusion they exist, why not just go ahead and let people know they’re coming and get us excited for them?  Obviously you have some faith in how well they will do judging by these potential numbers, now just let the rest of us in on them.

What do you think of Amazon’s supposed tablet order numbers?

[via DigiTimes]

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