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Minecraft’s 1.8 Adventure Update Screenshots Surface

Notch, the lead on the Mojang team and designer of Minecraft, gets on Google+ for what amounts to several hours and almost immediately posts an exciting screenshot. Then Jens Bergensten, Jeb of the Mojang team, decides that he should up and post another exciting screenshot for 1.8. Notch’s post lies above, Jeb’s falls below.

What are we even looking at here? Minecraft 1.7 was pushed out yesterday to serve as a filler between the last update and the upcoming massive update. 1.8 is now known as the Adventure Update, and Mojang has been saying that this one will feature all sorts of new goodies that are being teased constantly.

In the shot on top you’ll notice two major things: NPC villages and a giant mushroom. The giant mushroom speaks for itself; however, NPC villages look crazy. The game will actually render villages in the wilderness of your map. If you look at the buildings, you’ll notice mossy cobblestone making up the foundations of most. If these villages are empty, it should be mighty creepy.

Then Jeb’s post. Ruins. Cracked, mossy, abandoned ruins. If they lead down into dungeons or massive, underground ravines, we’re completely sold on Minecraft 1.8.

The emptiness of the Minecraft world often works towards building the game’s sense of soul and setting. The title gets creepiest when you crack open a dark, massive cavern and hear absolutely nothing. If that same sense of hollowness and abandonment remains in the ruins and NPC villages that 1.8 is set to bring to the table, this game could become a lot more meaningful than it already is.

Picture trekking out into the wilderness with a compass, map, pick and sword and stumbling on a massive, empty village. If I were working on the Adventure Update, I’d make it a point to pack mob spawners into some of the empty houses. That, and may cake.

[via Google+]

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