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Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7 Mango Development Contest

Microsoft is gearing up for a lot of new things with the Mango release of Windows Phone 7, and now they want the developers to take part in that.

Starting today developers can download the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta 2 so that they can get to work on all of their latest creations.  However, there is a caveat that you need to follow some very specific directions in running the update, so make sure to visit the official blog announcement to get more information on that.

As for the contest, Microsoft is looking to get more young developers interested in developing for Windows Phone 7, but they know that not everyone can afford to buy a handset to test everything out.  With this in mind they have set aside 50 Mango handsets to give to college students that come up with the most promising applications.  To enter for a chance to win one of the handsets, you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure you’re registered for DreamSpark
  2. Download and install Expression Studio Ultimate and the new Mango Windows Phone Developer Tools (available free as a member of DreamSpark)
  3. Get the free Sketchflow Template for Windows Phone and create a Sketchflow mock-up of your app
  4. Post the Sketchflow mock-up somewhere online and tweet out the link using the hash tag #WPAppItUp
  5. We will review all prototypes and will contact the developers who submit the best ones and send them a special Mango developer device

Even if you don’t win one of the phones, it sounds like you could get a lot of experience over the next few months.  Who needs college if you’re a successful app developer?  (Okay, you probably still need college.)

Will you be creating anything to enter the contest with?


Sean P. Aune

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