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Free Mighty Eagle in Barnes and Noble Magic Places

Load up the giant wooden slingshot and catapult yourself into the nearest Barnes and Noble if you’re an Angry Birds freak and happen to own a NOOK Color. America’s favorite literature chain has teamed up with Rovio and will now be implementing Angry Birds “Magic Places” into 700 stores nationwide. Furthermore, Rovio is offering the Mighty Eagle download for free to NOOK color owners when they show up to an Angry Birds “Magic Place” in a Barnes and Noble.

The mere thought of a physical Angry Birds gaming lair is quite special, but to name it a “Magic Place” and offer a free download of the formidable Mighty Eagle is a rock solid gesture on Barnes and Noble’s and Rovio’s part. Store visitors will also be treated to Angry Bird-themed games, toys and merchandise, stickers, and temporary tattoos. Nothing would be cooler than a tat sleeve rife with the entire Angry Birds arsenal blowing green piggies to smithereens.

According to Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products, Barnes & Noble, “we invite all Angry Birds fans to visit our in-store NOOK Boutiques to try this fun experience on one of our many NOOK Color demonstration units.” The good news is that all walks of Angry Birds players are welcome inside a “Magic Place.” However, the transparency here is the innate foisting of NOOK colors onto unsuspecting NOOK Colorless victims via a universally loved money wagon: rabid birds catapulting toward greedy emerald swines. And that, my friends, is called a partnership.

So, will you be heading to Barnes and Noble to visit an Angry Birds “Magic Place?”


Mike Perlman

Mike Perlman grew up in Nintendo Land and developed a relationship with all things electronic and nerdy early on in his childhood career. Today,...